Masked firefighter in fire


The Austin Fire Department (AFD) serves a population of more than 2 million. The Department has 1181 authorized sworn firefighter positions and 106 civilian staff members. Austin’s response teams provide emergency service to citizens within a 277 square mile area. Like most fire departments, AFD is responsible for providing a multitude of services. This includes operations, support services, aircraft firefighting and rescue, communications, maintenance shops, medical operations, emergency prevention, arson investigations, professional standards, community outreach, safety, special operations, and educational services. We receive more than 85,000 calls a year; approximately 70 percent of those are medical in nature.

“Our Mission Goes Beyond Our Name” is the cornerstone of the Austin Fire Department. Known as a leader in the fire service, AFD is on the cutting-edge of technology and training.

Our rank structure is as follows: Firefighter, Fire Specialist, Lieutenant, Captain, Battalion Chief, Division Chief, Assistant Chief, and Fire Chief. A Fire Cadet is an individual who is currently in our 28-week training academy. All cadets must pass both the state administered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and the Firefighter certified exam before graduating from the fire academy. After graduation, an individual becomes a probationary firefighter for six months.

The Austin Fire Department protects lives and property through extensive fire prevention and safety education efforts, in addition to a quick and effective response to emergencies. We continually strive to be the best fire department in the country!