Cadets during graduation


Below are the disqualifiers for the AFD Employment Process. Please review the following carefully to determine your potential eligibility.

The Austin Fire Department will not answer questions concerning an applicant's potential eligibility with respect to the following questions. All applicants will be thoroughly verified for eligibility prior to being offered the position of Fire Cadet. If you feel that you meet the minimum requirements to be considered for a position, you are encouraged to apply.

Alcohol and Drug Testing

The City of Austin is a drug-free workplace. As part of the hiring process for this position, applicants selected as finalists will be subject to mandatory pre-employment alcohol and drug testing. Additionally, Firefighters are subject to periodic random drug screenings.

Criminal Background Check

This position requires a criminal background investigation.

In order to be considered for employment, applicants should not be classified by any of the following criteria:

Criminal Arrests and Convictions Disqualification Period
Felony Conviction (If a felony at time of conviction or a felony in another state regardless of the Texas equivalent) Permanent
Misdemeanor Class A Conviction Permanent
Misdemeanor Class B Conviction Five years from conviction date
Two or more Misdemeanor Class B or higher level convictions Permanent
Misdemeanor Class C- Conviction (excluding traffic) Two years from conviction date
DWI or DUI charge with conviction on a reduced level offense (ex: reckless driving or blocking roadway) Five years from conviction date
History of family violence reports (suspect in three or more incidents with no convictions) Permanent
Two or more Misdemeanor Class B (or greater level) arrests Five years from date of last arrest
Two or more Misdemeanor Class C level arrests Two years from date of last arrest

A person is considered to be convicted of an offense when an ADJUDICATION OF GUILT is entered against said person by a court of competent jurisdiction, or a PLEA OF GUILTY is entered.

Out-of-state offenses will be held to the Texas equivalent.

For more information, please review the following topics:

Tattoos and Tunnels

Tattoos which cannot be covered by the formal uniform (button-down long-sleeve shirt with a tie) and tunnels larger than ½” in diameter are not allowed per our grooming policy.

Tattoos that violate the policy must be completely removed prior to any final offer of employment from the Austin Fire Department.  We recommend candidates with tattoos who wish to continue being considered for employment during this current hiring cycle (valid through summer of 2021) start the removal process of any tattoos that do not meet our standards as soon as possible.

Chosen candidates who are not able to completely remove tattoos prior to a formal job offer will be given a deferral option for our next class within the 2019 hiring cycle as long as proof is provided of their tattoo removal progress. These markings must be removed prior to the first day of cadet class; our Training Academy staff will make a visual inspection to ensure compliance to policy.

Those candidates who are unable to complete the removal process prior to the start of the last class in the 2019 hiring cycle (approximately the first quarter of 2021) must start over and reapply for a position in the next hiring cycle.

Tunnels (large diameter ear piercings) that exceed the ½” requirement must be repaired/corrected prior to any final offer of employment from the Austin Fire Department.   Tunnels in violation must be repaired/corrected prior to the first day of cadet class; our Training Academy staff will make a visual inspection to ensure compliance to policy.

Choosing whether or not to have a tattoo removed or tunnels repaired/corrected is solely your decision. Should you choose not to comply with policy, you will be disqualified from the current hiring cycle.