Cadet in the Fire Academy

Diversity Position Statement

Diversity is not a program or policy; it is a state of being.  It provides well-rounded perspectives in problem solving that let us identify better ways of performing the duties entrusted to us by our community. Diversity is more than just someone’s gender or race. It is the sum total of experiences, education, religious preference, military service, etc., that we all bring to the table.

The Austin Fire Department (AFD) has a diverse workforce. We have members from all walks of life who have one thing in common—to serve our community as compassionately, efficiently, and effectively as possible. Our mission and core values ensure our work environment enhances the potential and contribution of all employees by promoting inclusion, equality, and respect.

Each of you will play a key role in the success of the Austin Fire Department. Our people are our greatest strength. Their creativity, commitment, experience, and collaboration make the difference between having a career and just having a job.

Mission execution, reputation, leadership, and culture are defined primarily by the abilities and performance of our people. Our employees' drive for excellence is apparent every day across the city and around the region, in every call to which we respond and in every goal we accomplish. We are there on the worst day of someone’s life so knowing we can do our part to make things just a little bit better is what we strive for.

AFD’s Executive Team is personally committed to ensuring our Department provides an environment that values and embraces the contributions and potential of every member of our diverse workforce. Our core values of Honor, Respect, Duty, Loyalty, Selfless Service, Integrity, and Personal Courage are fundamental to our individual and collective success. We live and abide by them every day, keep them uppermost in mind, and reflect them in our actions at all times, whether in uniform or not.