Job Description: Firefighter-Mother-Trailblazer

Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Lyzz Donelson and Family (Photo: Bridgette Bloomquist Photography)

When Austin mom Elizabeth Donelson was first hired as a firefighter for the Austin Fire Department more than 12 years ago, she’d show up at the scene of a fire and often be the only woman there. But Elizabeth, known to friends as Lyzz, does not consider herself a trailblazer. There were a lot of women who came before her here in Austin who she says made her job easier. It also doesn’t hurt that Austin’s current fire chief is a woman. Still, Lyzz was among the trailblazers at Austin’s fire department, and the number of women has almost tripled (from 25 to 70) since she joined.

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[Excerpt from "In Case Of Fire, This Austin Mom Might Be Saving Your Life" By  | Posted: April 6, 2015]